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In the short story “The Story of an Hour,” written by Kate Chopin, there are many symbols that point to one main emotion. Like every symbol in a well written story, a symbol can be very easy to miss during the first reading. This is why the story must be read many times to truly understand and comprehend the symbolism involved in the plot. Symbolism is a key element in great works. Like Mrs. Mallard’s hidden emotions and feelings, it is often entwined in the reading through objects, people, and places. In this story, there are three important symbols that, if recognized, will allow a reader to enjoy the plot to the fullest extent. These three symbols are the open window, the nature outside, and the features of Mrs. Mallard herself.
The first symbol expressed in “The Story of an Hour” is the open window that Mrs. Mallard looks out of from the armchair in her bedroom. The key characteristic a reader should notice about this window is the fact that it is open. Through this “open square before her house,” many different meanings can be inferred (Chopin 15). In this situation, the word open is symbolizing the free open world that Mrs. Mallard can now experience. This window has been the link between Mrs. Mallard and the outside world, and now that her husband is dead, this new world is open and ready to be explored.
The next symbol shown is the nature of the outside world. Chopin says that “the tops of the trees were all aquiver with the new spring life” (Chopin 15). She also talks about the delightful smell of the recent rain and the...

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