Haptic Interfaces: Benefits And Usage Essay

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Haptic Interfaces
The usage of Haptic Interfaces on everyday devices has revolutionized the way that we will interact with computers and mobile devices for everyday usage. In this paper, I will contend that Haptic interfaces will be used in my Car Checker application, because it will be helpful with light, stimulating jolts of touch feedback in regards to buttons being pressed in the application and the vibrations that come with the application notifications. Before I will talk about the different reasons why haptic interface will be helpful in the car checker application, some background knowledge about haptic interfaces will be discussed in order to provide some context for the use of the haptic interface.
Background Information on Haptic Interfaces
Before the benefits of the implementation of Haptic Interface to the car checker application can be explain, an explanation of the background information about Haptic Interfaces must be done. Cory Janssen of Techpodia.com defines Haptic Interfaces as “a system that allows a human to interact with a computer through bodily sensations and movements.”(Paragraph1). The definition refers to accompanying the tactile senses in human computer interaction, because for example, pressing a button on a touchpad might be made to feel like you are touching a keyboard. Haptic interfaces are now becoming a greater part in our lives than in the past, in which Haptic interfaces where not talked about as much. One such example from William Harris of howstuffworks.com is the “CyberGrasp System,” from Immersion Corporation, in which it is described as “This device fits over the user's entire hand like an exoskeleton and adds resistive force feedback to each finger. Five actuators produce the forces, which are transmitted along tendons that connect the fingertips to the exoskeleton. With the CyberGrasp system, users are able to feel the size and shape of virtual objects that only exist in a computer-generated world.”(Page 4, Paragraph 4). This device is a perfect example of how haptic interfaces have come along from passive haptic interfaces, to active haptic interfaces, as just demonstrated by the CyberGrasp system in which it uses a user’s hand for an...

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