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“Harambee” Let Us All Pull Together

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As the winds of independence stirred across the vast continent of Africa, men and women began to step forward to lead their various people in the desire of decolonialization; all would be detained—some more than others, some would be vilified and others praised for their contributions to the cause of freedom from the yoke of colonial rule and dictates. Education plays a strategic role in the development of leaders and statesmen—without the additional wisdom and knowledge tempered by events and people the African leaders could not have stood in the breach and led their people beyond the auspices of colonialism.
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Unfortunately the Soviets had cast their vision upon Ethiopia and the hereditary monarchy died with Selassie’s mysterious death. Crossing the southern border into Kenya one finds the battle zone of the Mau Mau Rebellion and Jomo Kenyatta, falsely imprisoned on charges of being a participant in the rebellion.
President Jomo Kenyatta started his education as all young boys in the Kikuyu society and continuing his ‘European’ education at a mission school, Selly Oak College in Birmingham, Comintern Institute in Moscow and finally London School of Economics with Bronislaw Malinowski a renowned anthropologist. Clearly indicating to his people the necessity of pursuing a higher education and to be aware of various governing styles; as indicated by his attending school in Soviet Moscow. Kenyatta joined Kwame Nkrumah (future Prime Minister of Independent Ghana) along with others at the 1948 Pan Africa Congress in Manchester, England.
Kwame Nkrumah attended the following schools after his early education in mission schools, Achimota School Secondary School in Accra, Ghana, Lincoln University in Pennsylvania, London School of Economics and Political Science, and the University of Pennsylvania proving once again Africans needed more education to succeed in the global market place as independent sovereign nations. Nkrumah’s dream was a united African country evident by his strong advocacy of pan-Africanism. Nkrumah became discouraged when the unity and advances of a great African country failed to be a reality and was later deposed by the Ghanaian military and national...

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