Harappan Tech In Todays Society Essay

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Gabe C.
Miss Zbrzeznj
Early Civilization
12 May 2014
Harappans Influence on Modern Life
The Harappan Civilization was located in the Indus River Valley,
and was the most advanced society of its time. Early technology of
Ancient Harappa have changed the way we go through everyday life.
For example in the development and urbanization of communities, there
have been more and more complex systems of sewage and drainage that
have created jobs and cleaned the city. These once simple inventions by
the Harappans have turned into complex and billion dollar empires. The
Harappan society has influenced many modern cultures not only in the
way they function but also in the way that they go about daily life. The
inventions of the Harappan Civilization have affected modern society by
making it easier and more organized to live.
One essential invention that the Harappans designed was the
Grid Street Setups in major cities. These roads ran from north to south,
and east to west. The North to South roads being parallel and the East to
West roads forming perpendicular lines with the North and South roads.

This design "having the streets run parallel with each other allows for an
easier form of navigation, and it helps to reduce traffic"(Adcock). It also
allowed the people shopping in the market areas to have a constant flow
and not clog up that part of town. The long blocks of the city also had
alleys between the parallel streets that connected one another. Here you
could find housing and other small businesses. This small idea of the
Ancient Harappans has influenced the construction of major cities of the
United States like Washington, D.C., Chicago, and New York City. The
grid street setups offered cities easier lockdown because the limited
entrances and exits could be blockaded and all access routes out of the
city could be closed off. The parallel streets allowed for the cities to be
more organized and made traveling, and transportation easier.
Under the parallel streets there lie sewage systems that are lined
with bricks or cement. In Ancient Harappa, "most houses had access to
a well, and sewage was carried off through brick-built street
drains"(Jeffries).The first sewage systems were made especially for just
bathrooms in a Harappan home and only carried the waste out of the city
into the Indus River. These complex network of underground tubes made
cities substantially cleaner, and made the homes of the citizens more
sanitary. This innovation also created hundreds of jobs in the making and

the maintenance of the sewage lines. The sewage systems also created a
sub-class in the Indian Caste System called the untouchables. The
untouchables were the people who dealt with the waste and the regular
people of the town would not even make contact with the "unclean"
people of their city. These people eventually developed into the
maintenance people at companies like Philadelphia Water Department.
Because of the need for sanitation and cleanliness, in modern society...

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