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Harassment An Employment Law Paper By Holly Outland

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HarassmentSexual harassment is a terrible event to live through. The ideas that run through the mind can be quite bizarre. The first sets of thoughts through the brain are disbelief and denial that people could betray each other this way. The second collection of ideas that run through the head are all very focused on anger and retaliation. After that comes the idea that the person is deserving of this action or words being done or said against them. Then everything goes back to anger and retaliation. Finally, one of the last stages is acceptance, accepting the fact that no one is deserving of harassment of any kind for any reason.The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was put into place to ensure that workplace environments are free from harassment and discrimination. The original discrimination items listed in the act are race, color, national origin, religion, and sex. This list of items has been enlarged to encompass discrimination on the basis of pregnancy, sex stereotyping, and sexual harassment. This act does not cover discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Title VII allows for any employer, labor organization, joint labor-management committee, or employment agency to bypass the "unlawful employment practice" for any person involved with the Communist Party of the United States or of any other organization required to register as a Communist-action or Communist-front organization by final order of the Subversive Activities Control Board pursuant to the Subversive Activities Control Act of 1950. There are partial and whole exceptions to Title VII for three types of employers: Indian Tribes, religious groups performing work connected to the group's activities, including associated education institutions, and bona fide nonprofit private membership organizations. (2008)Title VII does cover discrimination against pregnant women. This means that a company may not terminate a worthy or suitable employee just because the employee is pregnant. For employers this means that the company is supposed to treat pregnant employees the same as all of the other employees. If a pregnant worker is limited and cannot accomplish the job requirements, then the worker must be afforded the same disability options as every other employee. (Bonina, 2006)The Americans with Disabilities Act was instituted in July of 1992. This act disallows employers from discriminating against people with disabilities. Meaning the application process, hiring, firing, promoting, job training, and compensation cannot different for people with disabilities. When the ADA was enacted it was geared for companies with more than 25 employees. That number has since been decreased to all companies with 15 or more employees. (1997)The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 safeguards people who are 40 years and older from employment discriminati0on based on age. The ADEA gives sanctuary to both employees and job applicants. Under this act it is against the law to discriminate against a...

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