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Hard Power On Iran Essay

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Paper 1
This paper will show that the US and its allies should take a more Hard Power approach when it comes to nuclear program of Iran. The paper will show how Iran cannot be trusted, due to its history of braking its word, and how the deals that we have made so far shows that the world is giving them the ability to create nuclear weapons. Also I will show how the resent agreements mad heave not done enough to stop Iran from gaining nuclear weapons.
The first thing we have to look at is how trustworthy has Iran been in the past. If Iran cannot be trusted then a Soft Power approach will not work. "The U.N. had already found the country in violation of its international agreements in ...view middle of the document...

Senator Marco Rubio said that the latest agreement "Makes a nuclear Iran more, not less, likely." he also called the deal "A blow to our allies in the region who are already concerned about Americas commitment to their security.(FoxNews) The senator is telling us how giving money or other economic aid in return for a nuclear deal is a mistake. This is because it is believed that Iran has funded terrorist organizations that have attacked America and its allies, especially Israel who Iran has sworn to destroy. (Obama's Iran Gamble). This is a huge problem because any deal we make that gives Iran money can have the adverse effect of funding terrorism against ourselves. We must also remember that it will anger our most important ally in the region Israel.
A Soft Power approach would be fine if we could trust Iran, but sense history has proven otherwise trying to solve this problem through such means just makes us look ignorant. To our allies in such areas of the world like the middle east, who have countries like Iran to worry about, the Soft Power approach that we are taking gives them little comfort. What is South Korea to think when they see how we trust Iran. Are they going to want our help with North Korea? Israel is not pleased with how much faith we are putting in Iran Moshe Ya'alon described the interim agreement as a "Historic missed opportunity" saying that after being pressured economically they "Crawled on all fours to speak with the Great...

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