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Hard Rock Music On The Go! Sony Headphones Bring It All

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The Japanese consumer electronics giant Sony Inc needs no introduction. All its products are exclusive and speak for itself. Sony is not only well known for its televisions, music systems, laptops, and Smartphones but also is very popular with its headphones.
The transducers, with its high sound quality, add to the accurate frequency range produced by the headphones giving complete pleasure to the listener’s ears. The headphones from Sony create crystal clear audio input to produce crisp and clear sound. The design of the Sony headphones adds more elegance and style to one’s personality. Let us take a look at a few of Sony’s latest headphones.

Sony MDR XB 920: Coming with sleek metallic chassis and dimensions of 176 x 107 x 220mm the extra bass headphones weigh around 305 grams. The MDR 920 has built in microphones and in line remote controller for the play and pause button. The headphones have detachable and tangle free cords. These headphones have very good noise isolating smooth earpads. The user will not get to hear any ambient noises. The over-the-ear headphones feature high energy 50mm driver units and have a 1.2 meter flat cord that has a twist and lock feature that ensures the headphones stay firmly in place. The only hitch is with the leather earpads. They tend to get warm near the ears, get slippery due to sweat and are a little on the heavier side.
The XB 920 serves its purpose well XB means extra bass. The music starts at low frequencies and go high with pop and bass focusing on the audio tracks. The audio sound is loud and clear. The XB 920 would be ideal for the hip hop and trance music lovers. They would do well at the background with games and movies.
We could wrap up saying XB920 is doing well, serving the purpose for what it was built “producing extra bass”. It is priced at Rs.12, 990.

Sony MDR 10 RNC: Coming with a weight of 205 gram, Sony MDR 10 RNC is similar to last year’s MDR 1 RNC and comes with quality headphones having smooth textured surface and flexible pressure relieving cushions to the ear cups and...

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