Hard Time Friendships Essay

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There are different kinds of friendships. Some include breakup friendships, and no trust
friendships. I had several of that kind. Although, a few years ago I had a very strong friendship
which I call the hard time friendship. Hard time friendships are having a hard time or difficulty
that makes two people become friends. That is how I met my most trustworthy friend I've ever
had, and to think of it, I would never been a true friend if it were not for that terrible tragedy.
The date was August 3rd, 2012. I was in the 5th grade, and thought it was like every
other day. Joy was upon me, because it was almost the end of the school week. I was not
thinking any thought of my friend, Megan L., during that time. The Monday troop meeting a few
days from that morning was when I started noticing. I did not think I would get emotional, but I
did. It felt like World War 1 was happening again. Tears dribbled down my face, but turned into
sobs. In this tear factor i felt hate, sadness, and depression all at the same time. I crawled in my
mom's arms to sooth me. It helped, a little. That is when i thought. I can't just feel bad for her. I
needed a plan because no one needs to go through something like that. This idea occurred and it would
not stop because my creative ideas kicked in. there.
The first step of my plan started when my mom told later that day that we should give her a get well gift. She suggested a flower basket, and I agreed like we had the same minds. I thought it sounded interesting, and fun because I never did something like this before. We looked online at many web sells, and there were ones that suited her, but I wanted one as awesome as her. After a long search of many web pages and web sites, we finally found one that was perfect! Little forget-me-nots were formed to create a grand statue of a dog, even if it was only eight inches tall. Still, it was delicate and enjoyable. The basket was as magnificent as the dog. It was weaved with various assortments of magentas and pinks of all kind. A lace bow hanged on top of the basket to. After my mother and I ordered it to send to Saint Jude Hospital right to Megan, I called Megan to see how she was doing. She sounded the same, but did not want to really talk that much. Her family including her mom and brother, Davis, joined on their trip. Even her father came. He was and still is working at Afghanistan during the war. She was also very grateful for my call, and her surgery was on the Friday which was about a week away. From this call I felt guilty for nothing. Thats when I got another idea. This time it was going to be even better.
For the past few days before her surgery I went planning. I asked my mom for different colors of yarn I could use. She gave me...

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