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Difficult Time In School Essay

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Wide FleurantusDr. SurrencyENC 110110/15/14Out Class EssayMany students have had experienced a difficult time in school. They may have been bullied by other students, they might not be able to interact with the social life that is going on in the school campus, or they might be dealing with financial issues. There is also the stress of making a good adjustment because students believe their future depends upon their doing well. Did they make the right choice? Should they change courses, direction, and major? Sometimes students even drop out of school because they are undecided. I had particularly experienced a difficult time in school, because of lack of connections with other students, challenges in my Biology and African American History class, and poor academic support from my school.To begin with, I had experienced a difficult time in school because of lack of connections with other students. It makes me feel miserable that at the end of the day nobody has talk to me, it is like I have been in a room on my own talking to no one when in fact I have been surrounded by students. I am supposed to believe that it is probably because I am not very interesting, and I do not have a wide circle of friends. When I do not interact with others, I turn in on myself and go quiet which does not help at all. I know sometimes I do not connect with others because I am worried about being rejected.To continue with, I had experienced difficult time in school because of the challenges I had in my Biology and African American History class. Most students have had some type of difficult in one course or another. Difficulties stem from various sources, such as teacher-student conflicts or lack of interest in the teacher's lecture. Some students succeed at dealing with their difficulties while others fail to do so. I had my own share of difficulty in some of my classes especially in my...

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