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Although times now are very different from the times that Charles Dickens lived in for example there are many things that remain the same. School is still a require place to be for all of us under the age of eighteen with the requirements to stay in the school system for twelve years and finally graduate… it’s not done though then we are headed to university for even more education. The times of Charles Dickens weren’t all that easy and as it becomes apparent in his novel titled Form Hard Times the times for the school students were just as difficult as the outside world. The way it is described the schools could have been easily mistaken for a prison type setting. Although the schools were much different from now which some may argue that they have more similarities then differences. In Charles Dickens times he disagreed with some of the things in schools which basically was that everything within school was based around facts all school was back then was the cold hard facts which has it’s relation to the title. This is very unlike today where more schools provide both sides of the brain to work and spark the word imagination. From Hard Times by Charles Dickens really gives a feel for the entire setting by first of all having a certain name for the character, the characters word choice and finally a detailed description of the place.

To be, the names Charles Dickens picks for each character always either has a word within the characters name that describes the character or rather gives a feel of the name. Thomas Gradgrind is the main character in this story. Gradgrind teaches and educates children in this novel all based around the cold hard facts and nothing else. Anything else said does not have any meaning to him the only things that matter are essentially the facts. It’s interesting the Dickens uses such a name to describe a stern character. Grind which is the second part of the name really means to work something out hard to grind it out so to speak. The description of the character Thomas Gradgrind makes it even more apparent as to why his name is what it is. On page 999 of From Hard Times by Charles Dickens the speaker says, “The emphasis was helped by the speaker’s mouth, which was wide, thin, and hard set. The emphasis was helped by the speaker’s voice, which was inflexible, dry and doctoral.” These lines do not as much explain the characters...

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