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Hard To Swallow Essay

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Hard to Swallow The latest decades, technology has modernised and advanced itself so far, that it has provided an enormously boost for the industry. This progress is shown in the shape of robots, computers but also the biological sides are now very advanced. And surely that is because of the computer which are available. We now have the knowledge to make antibiotic that prevents several diseases among the animals, which we are going to use for food. This helps the production and the farmers have the opportunity to reduce the prices, which again have an affect on the citizens' household. And when households is reduced a lot of people find themselves pleased, but the fact is that often the animals suffers from this. Even though the antibiotic should prevent diseases, experience and studies has now shown that the animals are becoming resistant towards this substance. This could result in several matters. These animals will no longer have the opportunity or ability to get an antibiotic cure if needed in case of illness. The animal, now resistant, will experience a greater chance for death, and common diseases that previous could be cured in the matter of days will last for maybe months. All this results in lower production and an increase on the household budget. This is not the consumers' ideal situation, and therefor people are beginning to be more open and curious about the development. And that is desperately needed, because it doesn't only affect our wallet, when we buy a chicken pumped with antibiotics. There is also health risks concerning the humans. When we consume meet of a chicken we are voluntarily pumping ourselves with these antibiotics. This way we are becoming the animals; victims for our own creation. We will encounter the same as the animals, in the ways of resistant towards antibiotics.I enjoyed reading this quotation: "If you change the natural balance,...

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