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Hard Wrok Or Luck Essay

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Luck has always played an important role in people’s life and career. In particular, the ones who defended and believed in luck or who were too lazy to consider the other quintessential success factors supported that luck was the integral item to reach success. Therefore, working hard would not have been essential if the rational opposing idea had not existed: Success occurs thanks to hard work, not luck. Distrust of luck and enthusiasm to succeed steadily inclined people to work harder rather than relying on luck. Humans became more hard working and realized the fact that luck was just an excuse and hard work was the actual key of success. Therefore, people succeed because of hard work and ...view middle of the document...

Initially, working hard creates a feeling of satisfaction which is followed by psychological comfort; in other words, tranquility. To demonstrate, hard work leads to calmness, so people get rid of negative feelings and motivations. Furthermore, stress is a serious threat against success. Therefore, bearing in mind the fact that hard work lessens stress, it is palpable that working hard psychologically helps people and contributes to success. Accordingly, if people gain positive motivations and get rid of stress thanks to hard work, it becomes easy to think straight and form sensible ideas and sensible ideas gradually eases to achieve goals. Ultimately, working hard is the main cause of success because it supplies psychological calmness, decreases stress and contributes to rational ideas.
Additionally, hard work brings social benefits such as trust, respect and promotion; hence, is the most essential factor for success. In the society, hard-working people are the most trustworthy ones because they always accomplish and overcome difficult situations or duties that should be done. For example, industrious individuals are the prior choice while deciding who should be in charge of critical work. In the similar way, hard work...

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