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Hardly Working Essay

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“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”
I want…
…to be excited to go to work.
…my family to be proud of me.
…to have great relationships with my co-workers.
…to serve others.
…to show people what a positive attitude can do.
…to witness miracles.
…to be a nurse!
Answering 70 yes or no questions is not going to influence my thinking. When the heart wants something, no way in hell is an online quiz going to stop it. This 5-minute quiz was going to tell me what I should with my life. I was skeptical, but I thought the results matched me spot on. According to the test my type is “ESFJ”. One of the careers most recommend was nursing! The results would not have influenced my career path, but it was entertaining.
While researching my profession, I found some interesting facts. A Registered Nurse is someone that provides care and helps to educate people about their illness. One of the most important things I believe that they do is to provide emotional support to the patient and family. Being in a hospital is not something people wish for, and to have someone by their side encouraging them and showing them they care means the world. There are a few paths that allow you to become a registered nurse. An Associates Degree, a Bachelors Degree, or Certification from a Nursing School. To actually have the letters “RN” at the end of your name you must pass the NCLEX for Registered Nurses. The NCLEX,“National Council Licensure Examination”, shows your competency in your field.
According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, there were 2,711,00 registered nurses in 2012. Nursing is a rapidly growing career and there is a need for more Registered Nurses. There is a projected 19% increase in jobs for Registered Nurses from 2012-2022. Being a nurse brings many challenges, but also many opportunities. Nurses can work in hospitals, doctor offices, schools, military, and even prisons. Nurses have a lot to learn and are well trained. Their salary shows that with an estimated $65,000 per year for the year 2012.
Being a male that wants to become a nurse, there are stereotypes that we face. Many people think that male nurses are gay, or only get the job because we can lift more. There is a magazine called “Scrubs” and it is a male nurse based publication. There was one point made that I actually believed and never thought of it as a...

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