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Hardships Of Hercules Essay

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Hercules was an astonishing hero of Greek mythology, as well as the most famous. More stories were told about him than any other hero. Greek and Romans alike built temples to worship Hercules long after he was gone, and told of his great labors. There were many different versions of the stories of Hercules’s life, but that was mostly between Greek and Roman storytellers.(The Life and times of Hercules.)
Hercules’s life, from the very beginning, was doomed to be horrible. Zeus was his father, and he had many children. Hera, queen of Olympus and Zeus’s wife, did not appreciate the acts of her husband. She had enough when Zeus fathered a young boy with a human female, Alcmene. Hera tried to ...view middle of the document...

Number five was to clean the stables, and this was deemed incorrectly done by the king of crete. The sixth labor of Hercules was to get rid of the man eating birds of Crete, and the seventh labor was to kill the Cretan bull. The eighth labor was to bring the horses of Diomedes to Mycenae. The ninth labor of Hercules was to kill the leader of the Amazons and steal her belt, and this task was especially challenging. The tenth task was to steal the cattle of Geryon. The eleventh and longest labor was to fetch the apples of Hesperides, but he had help from Atlas. The last labor was to kill cerberus, the dog of Hades. It took Hercules many years to complete these labors.(Hercules for Kids.)
After Hercules completed his labors, he was remarried. His wife’s name was Beinira. One day when Hercules returned home, his new wife had made him a cloak. The minute he put on the cloak he had been hit with an unimaginable pain. When he tried to remove the cloak the pain only increased. He decided the only way to escape the pain was through death. Hercules, the great warrior, burned himself alive. Hera relented her anger and zeus sent athena to collect Hercules and bring him to Olympus on...

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