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The first step in any hardware or software overhaul is the project management. This is a vital step when considering implementing an all-new customer relationship management system (“CRM”). The reason for this is because project management “activities include planning the work, assessing risk, estimating resources required to accomplish the work, organizing the work, acquiring human and material resources, assigning tasks, directing activities, controlling project execution, reporting progress, and analyzing the results” (Laudon, 2013). The first of the five important elements when dealing with project management is scope. “The scope involves what work is or is not supposed to be included in the project. Project management should ensure that the scope of a project does not expand beyond what was originally intended” (Laundon, 2013). Again, in considering a CRM system you will want to make sure several elements are included in this new system, where other non-important information factors are not included in the system but this is where the project management system makes the determination on those factors. In upgrading a CRM system there are some very important elements that project management or not must be included because of the type of system it will be. The first is customer information and data such as shopping frequency or more particular what items they have bought. This is the exact type of information vital to a retail company.
The element of time should be self-explanatory as the word itself indicates time and the length in which the project should take to complete. This time is so vitally important to any company because even one moment of lost time for a business is critical. This lost time can mean lost revenue “Project management tries to determine the time required to complete each task and establish a schedule for completing the work” (Laudon, 2013).
Cost is probably one of the more intense factors in an upgrade or complete overhaul, an exact cost is usually never obtainable until the project is completed and that is one of the hardest points to consider in deciding to upgrade a system at all. “Cost is based on the time to complete a project multiplied by the daily cost of human resources required to complete the project. Information systems project costs also include the cost of hardware, software, and work space. Project management develops a budget for the project and monitors ongoing project expenses” (Laudon, 2013). In the current economy it is a difficult situation for businesses, they know they need to advance their technology to stay competitive. It is also difficult to trust and ensure that the decision to spend the money on an upgrade will be a worthy investment for the business. Many businesses find they must spend even more money beyond the projected budget for the upgraded project due to unexpected or unforeseen expenses. Such items as technical issue beyond the upgrade will sometime warrant...

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