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Hardware Computer Essay

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Hardware Computer
Information System has became popular all around the world, due to its rapid growth. In current days, almost every single person is using IS in their daily life. Information System lead to a great change in people`s life style, it is any kind of systems and it consist of six main elements which are people, hardware, software, communication network, data resources, policies and procedures. all of these elements are working together in order to operate more efficiently and effectively(J.A. Obrein. & G.M. Marakas, 1975). Information system use in many areas and the most important area is Business and management in which it support business operation and help manager to make decision . one of the information part is Information technology (IT) which can be defined as "a technology which uses computers to gather, process, store, protect, and transfer information"(A. Dzaja,2011). One of the information system component that people use IS through is a computer. "Computer is a machine that process data and perform computation, and it consist of two main program that are hardware and software"(). Applying Information system in organization and workplace help managers and employees to run their business more easily and quickly, and also, IS will make the work more professional. the most common programs that use in organization are hardware and software. This paper will show the importance of hardware computer.
Hardware computer:
According to "Introduction to IS" "hardware information system is the physical embodiment of an information system, and it is the main element that make the information system cycle". Enterprise Ireland states that hardware computer program is defined as an "information technology related machinery and equipment". in the late 1970s almost all word process were dedicated machines for example using typewriter. while, recently, people are using computer program for word processing. "Introduction to the computer" claim that computer consist of hardware and software. hardware include physical component of computer and it provide physical machine such as personal computer (PCs). While "software consist of all these program that used to perform tasks". Hardware Itself will not be beneficial but together with software can be very effective and efficient, and both hardware and software are interdependent. there are five major types of hardware computer including, input, output, processing, storage, and control devices. Through these major devices of hardware users can enter data into the personal computer.
Each of hardware devices has its own function. First, input device "giving data input to the system" in which include keyboard, touch screen, pens, electronic mice, and optical scanner. Second, output devices consist of video display unit, printers, and audio response unit, monitor, plotter, CD or CD/DVD “burner”, slide or overhead projector, and speakers....

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