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Hardware & Software Requirements Essay

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Hardware & Software RequirementsIntroductionFor new electronic point of sale (ePOS) hardware and software are crucial decisions. This document will discuss a list of high value items that are required in the solution selected. By no means should this list be considered all inclusive albeit just the main points that are worthy of discussion.Hardware The hardware should be of adequate design to withstand the rigors of convenience store environments. Accordingly, "off the shelf" PC hardware or hardware that can be purchased from major PC retailers will not be considered, since this style of generic PC hardware does not have the "retail hardening" required to survive in the convenience store environment. Retail hardening is described as, a system, that by design is fit for purpose, robustly engineered, and resistant to environmental contaminates. It should be able to resist liquid spill, and humid environments. It should prevent against electromagnetic field (EMF) interference, and be resistant to bumps and vibrations. The hardware should be capable of normal operation, without special cooling or heating, in all but the harshest of retail outlet conditions. The recommendations for the hardware are as follows:CPU The CPU chip should be of Wintel design, preferably larger that one gigahertz (GHz); also, it is recommended the CPU chip be supported by the manufacturer for an extended period of time, an example is the Intel embedded series of CPU chips. The CPU should contain at a minimum of 256 megabytes (MB) of RAM; 512 MB to 1 gigabyte (GB) is preferred. The case should be equipped with adequate EMF shielding and vibration buffering devices. The case design should be of such ascetics that it meshes well with the cash drawer in an integrated, or stacked, design; as well as, function in a distributed, or under the counter, configuration. The CPU should have a fully redundant data storage system; an example is the server contains dual hard drives that are mirrored by a RAID device. The hard drives contained in the server should be a minimum of 40 GB, 80 GB is preferred. The server should possess adequate input/output port to support the various peripherals that need to be attached; a minimum of six serial ports (RS-232) and four USB ports are required; four to six powered USB ports(12 and 24 volts), and four to six powered (RS-232) ports (5 and 12 volts) are preferred.Touch Screen The touch screen should be viewed as the primary input device. It should be an LCD monitor, between 12 and 15 inches in screen width; also, capacitive touch technology is preferred over resistive touch technology. The system speakers should be integrated into the monitor design as well as, an integrated credit card magnetic stripe reader (MSR).Customer Display Unit...

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