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So for the past six years or so, I've been working at a local hardware store in my area. I’ve done almost every job you can possibly think of their, doing everything from running the register, stocking shelves, ordering, to customer service. Nowadays, I take my share in managing the store and helping out with the day to day business operations at the store. We are a small business, and it sure takes a lot to keep small businesses afloat in today’s economy. There have been other stores in our general vicinity that have closed for numerous reasons, yet we have remained strong over the years. It takes a lot to keep a hardware store going, and it takes a good group of people to do so. Over the ...view middle of the document...

It needs to have a backroom storage area, and enough square footage to house all of you items. It’s a much better idea to lease a store than to buy a building, just because you never know when business will come abruptly to a stop. You don’t want to have the burden of a mortgage on a building sitting on your shoulders.
The second most important thing about a hardware store would be have a brand name hardware company behind your company or otherwise known as a franchise. For example, Ace Hardware, Aubuchon Hardware, Do It Best Hardware, True Value, etc. These companies allow you to use their logo, use their logo, their advertisement, their marketing plans, and provide you with places to order product from. All of this comes at a price though; you have to pay for all of these services, no matter what company you choose to go with. Some are better than others, I won’t say what’s necessarily best, but I will say I personally would never open a store with Aubuchon. They have a track record for being an awful business, and almost half of their stores have closed in Massachusetts because of their inability to adapt to modern times and economy.
The third most important thing you need when getting hardware off the ground, is getting a well-fitting staff for you store. It’s absolutely the hardest thing to do in the hardware business. You would ultimately want to find at least one person with an immense knowledge of the hardware business, who might have worked in the business or another form of retail for a good amount of years, and is really good with all of the latest technology. Yet, that kind of person is only found in a perfect world, so getting someone that has at least one of those skills is a good fit. You most likely would want to make this person the store manager. Next you would want to find a few people who were either general contractors or handymen, who have a great knowledge about products that you carry in your store and their associated uses. You also would need some kids to run the register, maybe even a stay at home mother out of work to run it on schooldays, instead of holding up one of your other employees on the register. Last but not least, obviously you would need to find someone to handle the...

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