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Harley Davidson Posse Ride. Essay

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Outline* Posse ride II History/development* Current marketing method- Holistic marketing approach- Radical marketing policies* Evaluation of Relationship marketing in the posse ride* Improvements for the posse ride* Conclusive summary* Exhibits and referencesExecutive Summary:A Harley-Davidson motorcycle is more than just a mode of transportation. So, while Harley Davidson is dedicated to continuous innovation, it has to opt for evolution to preserve the features that make a Harley Davidson exclusive - Posse ride is one of the key features.The Posse ride builds resonance between different members of the HOG community. The stories narrated by riders attract non Harley and HOG members alike. The Posse ride presents an opportunity to gain feedback from customers in an environment of intimacy. The Posse Ride links riders together into a broad community. The rite of passage provided during various rallies legitimizes the exclusivity of the Harley Davidson brand. Brand reinforcement leads to more sales and profits. In addition, it provides dealers avenues to generate more revenue.Only 1 of every 2000 members took part in the Posse ride. Repeating successful routes attracts new riders who have heard stories from other HOG members. Using the same route leads to greater efficiency and builds better relationship with dealers. Harley Davidson should also utilize the experience of existing riders in ironing out rough patches on existing routes and building new routes. This would lead to active participation from members in creating new rallies and increasing participation as well. Harley Davidson needs to follow up with Posse participants after the rally as well. This would provide Harley Davidson with well settled views and input for improvement on the rallies in future. Harley Davidson should also add spontaneity to each event. This would provide the riders with flair of expecting the unexpected. In order to understand and gel with the customers Harley Davidson should increase the involvement of employees in Posse rides. The involvement should not be from outside but they should actually ride with HOG members and experience the same feeling. This would enable employees to build lasting relationship and gather feedback from riders.Through the Posse Ride we can target three critical areas - Retention, Customer Satisfaction and Brand Equity. By retaining existing customers Harley Davidson can count on them for future rides. In addition, satisfied customers will return to buy bikes from Harley-Davidson and refer friends and family to the bike and Posse. The Posse enables riders to build life long relationships which in turn increases brand value and loyalty. The Posse ride is a way of Harley Davidson making its customers feel more special and gather feedback from them. In addition it enables Harley Davidson to build a brand image and connect directly with customers strong emotional feelings towards their product.The Posse Ride History &...

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