Harmful Aspects Of The Automobile Essay

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Harmful Aspects of The Automobile

Air pollution refers to the presence of foreign substances in the atmosphere. Air
pollution is a problem in countries where urban and population growth have been
accompanied by the use of the automobile. Smog, carbon monoxide, and acid rain, are
only a few of these foreign substances in the atmosphere. The negative effects these
poisons have upon the environment and the human body are astronomical. Respiratory
inflammation, impaired vision, learning disabilities, and death are all results that smog, carbon monoxide, and acid rain have on the human body. The deterioration of the ozone, and precious trees, as well as the destruction of many necessary rain forests are examples of pollution’s negative effects on the environment. Smog, carbon monoxide, and acid rain are all main roots to the deterioration of humans, as well as the planet. For additional information, see http://cses.scbe.on.ca/air4.htm.

The first poisonous gas to be discussed would be smog. Smog builds when sunlight cooks everyday emissions from automobiles. Automobiles body paint, as well as gasoline fumes, all play a deadly role in the destructive path of smog. When these pollutants cook in the sunlight, they form ground-level ozone, which is the main component in smog. Pollutants are generated by traffic in urban areas. To view an example of a polluted see http://www-wilson.uesd.edu/education/airpollution (76k). The pollution is then blown from city to city in wind flows carrying toxins into the rural areas. “Motor vehicles are the main source of hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides. The emission from motor vehicles combined with sunlight create a brown haze, which we have come to recognize as smog”(Degobert 46).

Smog effects both the environment and humans negatively. Both are subjected to it’s wrath as destructively. Smog causes breathing difficulties, eye irritation, and less
resistance to lung infections and colds. Smog is especially harmful to young children, the elderly, and those with respiratory problems. The environment has also been tested by smog. Smog has been known to damage trees which are greatly needed to produce
oxygen and clean the present unhealthy air. Moss and lichen are also being destroyed in
many forests by smog.

The second deadly gas to be discussed would be carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, poisonous gas. To learn more about this topic, see http://www.epa.gov/docs.iaq/pubs/senseles.html. Carbon monoxide is made of a carbon
atom and an oxygen atom linked together. When automobiles are not properly tuned or
properly turned on\off, carbon monoxide will seep out of an automobile’s tail pipe. This lethal gas is a product of incomplete burning of hydrocarbon-based fuels, which then seeps and spreads into the atmosphere and eventually ripping a hole in the ozone layer.

Carbon monoxide enters the blood stream through the lungs and forms a...

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