Harmful Effects And Alternatives For Phthalates

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What are Phthalates? A very simple question to some but it brings forth many controversial questions for how they are used. Some may not know what phthalates are but everyone comes across them at least one a day. According to the American Chemistry Council, “Phthalates are the primary plasticizer in use today because of performance, cost, durability, and overall product sustainability benefits.” Phthalates are very harmful to the body, but thanks to research and the advancements in technology over the years, a certain type of bacteria has been found to break down these substances.
Phthalates are used still in plastics even after the recognitions of its harmful effects on the body. Because phthalates are not bonded to the backbone of plastic, it can escape to reach the environment. Example of products that contain phthalates are beverage containers, food wraps, baby toys and cosmetics. Several ways a person might absorb phthalates would be through ingestion, inhalation, and skin contact (Spendlove). This shows that the concerns of most aware people are not considered when it comes to profit. Because of the many pros that outweigh the cons, many organizations and producers still choose to use this harmful substance. Consumers still choose these products because of how useful and convenient they are without the knowledge that these items they buy are harmful to them.
It has been proven that these “particularly harmful components of many plastics that have been known to leach into the environment and into human bodies” (Savedge). This is a very realistic threat that proves to harm our health and it also has an ability to bring us to our graves at a faster rate. It is necessary for people to use items that contains phthalates sparingly. It is also important that people do personal research on the everyday necessities that they use and if they are living a better, healthier and safer life. With some research done by the Environmental Protection Agency, it has been shown that phthalates have the ability to contaminate a water supply. Some people who chronically drink water that contains a lot of phthalates arise with problems in their liver, reproductive abilities and an increased risk of contracting cancer (EPA).
Because these products contain phthalates, they can be a possible risk to babies. A ban has been put on these items in some places while rules are set in other places. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, a ban has been put on phthalates in children’s toys but it does not apply to parts that children are not able to reach. A part is considered as unreachable would be if it is sealed or cased and cannot become exposed physically even if the product was abused or used in a way that it was not intended for. It is very important that these bans should be carried out in other countries because it can harm the baby’s health in the long run. “Past studies also have found evidence that would suggest the chemicals may be tied to...

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