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\In the United States, the use of cigarettes has decreased from nearly 42% of the population in 1965, to nearly 19% among adults in 2011. However, cigarette smoking remains the most common form of tobacco used in the US that about 43.8 million adults smoke cigarettes. Near 22% of men and 17% of women were found to be cigarette smokers in 2011. Education has a strong relation with cigarette smoking rates. People with higher education have a lower smoking rate. Therefore, more people smoke in the Midwest, about 22%, and fewer smoke in the West, about 15% as there are higher levels of education in the west, where major cities are located. Figure 8, on the following page, shows the annual cigarette consumption per capita worldwide, and identifies the different levels. Although cigarette smoking is the most common form of tobacco used, it does not end with cigarettes alone. Other forms of tobacco are also common worldwide. A survey conducted by the US Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration in 2010, noted that 8.9 million people used smokeless or spit tobacco, 13.2 million used cigars, and 2.2 million people smoked tobacco in pipes. Worldwide, there are about 852 million people that use tobacco in its various forms. This breaks into 41% of the population of men worldwide and only 5% of the population of women. Moreover, China and India both have the largest population in smoking tobacco with 301 million and 275 million smokers respectively.
Tobacco and young people:
Tobacco, in all its forms, is widely common among young people. According to government surveys, even though smoking, dipping snuff, chewing and spit tobacco is common among most teens, they are more common among young males. Figure 9 breaks down the percentages of young male tobacco users. In 2011, nearly 28% of male high school students and 19% of female high school students used some form of tobacco in the US. Since cigarettes have been proven to be the most common type of tobacco used, nearly 18% were cigarette smokers, and 50% of these students noted that they had tried to quit smoking. Besides cigarettes, cigar smoking was also popular amongst high school students that about 8% of females and 18% of males used this form. The use of tobacco is so common among young people that "little cigars" are sold in candy and fruit flavors that appeal to them. Figure 10 illustrates these “little cigars”. Also in 2011, nearly 6% of middle school girls and 8% of middle school boys used some type of tobacco, with cigarettes being about 4%, again, the most common type used by both genders. Therefore, I think that since all young teens are easily attracted to smoking, they should always be supervised, and laws and severe punishments should be enforced by the government for those who violate them. After these results were analyzed, it was noted that in both middle and high school, the use of tobacco in all its forms was higher among male students.
Harmful chemicals in tobacco...

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