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Harmonic Motion Essay

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In our ninth grade physics class we participated in our classes lab, which was called the Harmonic Motion Lab. The purpose of the lab was to put what we knew about material learned in the thirty sixth chapter, information into action. The purpose of the Harmonic Motion Lab was to measure the amplitude and period of the pendulum and determine what factors determined how to change the properties of a pendulum. Within the lab we established that the factors that affected the period of the pendulum were the time to complete one cycle back and forth. With regards to the lab the terms harmonic motion, pendulum and an oscillator were all three used throughout the lab. Harmonic motion is used ...view middle of the document...

When the Pendulum swung through the photogate, the photogate measured the period of time it took the pendulum bob to swing back and forth. Period is the length of time it takes the pendulum to complete one cycle. Once the pendulum swung back and forth several times to find the complete period the timers reading was multiplied by two. Once the pendulum was step up to establish the mass data. My hypothesis is if we make the pendulum heavier by attaching extra washers the period of the pendulum will stay the same. The mass is changed and according to the formula Fn=Fr/m the natural frequency is equal to the restoring force over mass. Even though the mass increases, so does the restoring force gravity or elasticity the period of the pendulum is the same.

The amplitude My hypothesis is if we increase the amplitude of the pendulum's swing by pulling it further out the period of the pendulum will stay the same.

As evident in the introduction, analyzing the data is the last step of the Harmonic Motion lab. Once step two, testing the three variables, was completed we had the data to proceed to the third step of the lab. The three data sets from step two were finally put into action. All three data charts were draw onto graphs allowing you to visibly see the trends of the data. For table three the number of washers and amplitude stayed the same, while the string length steadily increased. My hypothesis was if we increased the length of the pendulum by shortening the string the period of the pendulum would increase and if we decreased the length of the pendulum by making the string longer the period of the pendulum would decrease. Once my graph was finished my hypothesis was proven correct, changes in the string length and the period of pendulum increased as the string length increased. As the string length is increased and the ball is lowered closer to the bottom of the stance the ball will...

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