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Harmonic Reduction Using Pv Statcom Essay

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The power quality of the electrical power is one of the important factors that hurdle to deliver power to all customers in a safe, reliable and economical mode. The power quality is defined as the electric power consisting of specific range of voltage, current and frequency that results in normal operation of customer equipment. However, this situation is difficult to achieve in practice. The term harmonics referred to Power quality in ideal world would mean how pure the voltage is, how pure the current waveform is in its sinusoidal form. Nowadays the electronic equipments became more powerful and versatile, used for the conversion, variation and regulation of electrical power ...view middle of the document...

Power Electronics Load Model
The power electronics loads are modelled in PSCAD/EMTDC according to their individual ratings as given in the table.

C. PV Solar System Model
A 260 kilo-watt PV solar system is connected at the point of common connection (PCC) of the distribution network model. To study the dynamic behaviour the detailed model of the conventional model of PV solar system is modelled in PSCAD/EMTDC by using the system parameters as given in paper 5.

Proposed PV-STATCOM Control System for Harmonic Compensation
The p-q theory is utilized to compute the instantaneous resoluteness of different active and reactive powers for emolument of current harmonics. According to The p-q theory, the instantaneous power components on the load side are defined as:

the instantaneous zero-sequence power,
the instantaneous real power,
the instantaneous imaginary power

Total instantaneous active (PL) and total instantaneous reactive power (qL) can be decomposed into fundamental and harmonic powers as:
In (3.29) & (3.30),, and , represent the DC components, which are responsible for fundamental load active and reactive powers. , and represent the AC components which are responsible for harmonic powers. For load current harmonic compensation, the solar system inverter should supply the harmonic part of the load current. That is, the reference current signal generation should be based on terms , and . Furthermore, and can be respectively split into two parts (2ω components and harmonic components) as:


Where and are the negative active and reactive power (2ω components) originated from asymmetrical fundamental (negative sequence) component of the load current, and and are the harmonic active and reactive power (harmonic components) of the load current. The commands of three-phase compensating currents injected by PV-STATCOM in the α-β coordinates, ico *, icα *, icβ* can be calculated by the following equation:

Where and are the power components of active and reactive powers to be compensated by the PV-STATCOM....

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