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Harmonisation Of Accounting Standards. Essay

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Harmonisation of accounting standardsInternational accounting harmonisation can be defined as "the process of bringinginternational Accounting Standards into some sort of agreement so that the financialstatements from different countries are prepared according to a common set of principles ofmeasurement and disclosure".Harmonisation means that deviating rules, which do not exclude themselves, can continue toexist next to each other. That means harmonisation does not focus on the elimination ofdifferences but on the reduction of contradicting rules. the aim of the international harmonisation process of Accounting Standards is to reduce or overcome differences world-wide, in order to reach a better internationalcomparability of financial statements. Harmonisation has been broken down into two aspects: material and formal harmonisation* material harmonisationMaterial harmonisation refers to research from a practical point of view. That means thatthe harmonisation of Accounting Practice applied by different enterprises, is regarded. Itis about the consistency in actual application.* formal harmonisationHarmonisation in terms of formal harmonisation is researched from a theoretical point ofview, which means that the similarities and diversities between rules and regulations ofdifferent countries, clusters or groups are regardedAdvantages and disadvantages of the IASCompanies prepare financial statements. Therefore the following advantages can be seen fromthe standpoint of preparers of financial reportsInternally multinational companies would make savings if all their subsidiaries could use thesame Accounting System. A similar internal reporting system gives the chance of bettercomparisons, less confusion and mistakes between the parts of the company. It allowsuncomplicated communication and transfers of finance personnel. One set of AccountingStandards could be used in various jurisdictions and capital markets. Further cost savings canbe realised, because the preparation of consolidated financial statements will be easier forcompanies. Because there are no longer costly changes from several different AccountingSystems of each subsidiary necessary, when the parts of the company are consolidated to one.With one set of Accounting Standards, the credibility of the externally reporting couldbe raised. No longer different performance figures are shown for the same company indifferent countries.Furthermore, international companies can realise significant cost savings if they do not haveto change their financial statements to conform to each country's rules, when listing onsecurity exchanges. In other words the access to main financial markets will become easier forglobal acting companies and by this it will be possible to acquire capital simpler for them.The following example will make this more clear. Imagine a company, which has a subsidiaryin Cuba, the parent company is located in Germany and the shares are listed on the NYSE.This company would have to...

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