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Harmony : A New Musical Essay

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I chose the musical Harmony for my life performance report. The performance was in the Alliance Theater at the Woodruff, downtown Atlanta Georgia. I attended the show on Tuesday, September twenty fourth at 7:30 pm. The production was presented by Center Theater Group and Alliance Theater. The musical was a calibration between musician Barry Manilow and writer/songwriter Bruce Sussman. They planned on doing Broadway musical together some 40 years ago, but were side tracked by their own personal careers. In the late 1990’s, they started working together on a musical and researching the required historical data surrounding the forgotten German vocal band. Manilow and Sussman worked on the project off and on for nearly 15 years (the program booklet).
The plot of the musical is based around the first boy band that got famous in Germany in the late 1920’s. They were called the Comedian Harmonists. The musical is based on the true story about six men as musicians, from their rise to international fame and to their separation due to political change and World War II in Germany. The musical highlighted what was happening in Germany due to Nazi rise in power and control. The band were essentially restricted and boycotted due to their Jewish nationality and political believes.
The most impressive character was Erich Collin, played by actor Chris Dwan. Unlike the other members of the band, Collin had the most personal conflict and struggle. Coming from an upper class family, he had to decide on continuing his education in becoming a doctor or becoming a full time member of the band. In the end, he stayed true to his dreams and told his family of his secret life as a member of the Comedian Harmonists. To me, he represented a true hero character of the story. He made the most drastic change and overcame conflicts that changed his identity and destiny forever. Collin also had to tell the other members of the band that he was Jewish which he keep secret until the Nazi started restricting the band from performing in Germany due to some of the member’s nationality. Collin was a very good actor who was very convincing in his role. I can relate to the characters feelings and struggles due to the great acting executed by Chris Dwan.
The lighting system used in the musical was very well done. The moving light programmer, Sean Beach, did a great job spotlighting the characters to enhance and illuminate the characters performance. The stage was mostly dark, the lighting system would direct the viewers to what was important and what was happening in each scene. The lights was very successful in complimenting the whole visual effect of the musical. The lights would dim to convey a melancholy mood of the scene, or it would brighten suddenly to express excitement and dramatic effects.
Since the performance was a musical, the music elements was key in telling the story and playing an integral role in the emotional component of the scenes. The music...

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