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In some people's opinion drug abuse is a choice, and some believe it is forced upon due to peer pressure or the pressures of life. Some people are able to use prescription drugs without ever experiencing negative consequences or addiction. Even though some drugs are not considered hazardous if they are plant based or are only used occasionally in a controlled manner, it can still result in severe consequences. The use of unprescribed drugs should just be avoided in the first place, if not for a legitmate medical use. Drugs can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle, and can cause serious damage physically and mentally. The reasoning for my stern opinion that unhealthy drug use is overall ...view middle of the document...

The next day at school my best friend invited me to skip class and join him to do more marijuana. Completely opposed to this idea, I still ended up joining him. This time was different instead of being around a few people like the first time, it was just my best and I. In my head I had a completely different outlook on how the drug would be. Instead of being horrifying like the first time, it actually felt good and I liked it. My best friend seeing that I enjoyed the drug pushed me into trying more. So desperate in keeping my friendship with my so called best friend I took another dosage. Unaware of the long term consequences that lied ahead, I began indulging in it. Eventually, I liked the feel of it so much I began to have a sudden urge for it. Marijuana had suddenly become an everyday use and my new addiction.
As time passed my new addiction was only getting worse with every use. The reasoning for it's appeal to me was that it made me feel care free, and forget about any troubles I had in my life at the moment. In my opinion it was like an escape from my reality and problems. The use of the drug also saved my friendship with my best friend. Since we both shared the same addiction, my best friend and I were never closer. During this period it felt like the time of my life, I had my best friend by my side and no worries. It was as if nothing could go wrong, that is until report cards came in.
Completely blinded from my new herbal addiction, Ive become oblivious to the downward spiral my life was headed. My academic uphold was going downhill, I was failing all my classes unknowingly. Informed by the principal, if I did not show improvement I would have to repeat the grade I was currently in. Concerned, my parents sat me down to discuss my sudden change in behavior and events. Pointing out other negative changes they have also seen in me over the time. The drug changed me into a completely different person, without me even being aware of it. Listening to my parent's list of negative changes in myself, I suddenly felt myself drowning in guilt. Taking every word into deep thought, I looked in the mirror and finally saw the stranger Ive become. My hair became duller, my face broken out, the clothes I wore barely matched, and I gained some weight from the constant eating. This was all due to my inability to reject the use of a so called harmless drug in my life. Horrified from my appearance, and all the outcomes of my addiction. I swore to never put myself in situations where I can lose total control of my life again.
This realization opened up my eyes and state of mind. I needed to clean myself...

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