Harms Of Electronic Gadget Addiction Essay

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Throughout daily life, most people utilize an electronic gadget such as an iPhone or iPad at some point to check e-mail or pay bills. These electronic devices, which individuals make use of daily, are now being referred to as addictions. An addiction is defined as a constant, uncontrollable compulsion to an item or behavior regardless of the consequences of the item or behavior. Addiction to electronic gadgets in today's society is something important to address now before the issue becomes much worse. Electronic gadgets seem like essential assets to the typical human being; however, what resembles an asset may instead be an incredibly harmful piece of technology. These electronic gadgets create lazy and obese individuals, cause unnecessary distraction, and minimize or eliminate human interaction.
Electronic gadgets allow users to do many different actions such as pay bills, fill out paperwork, or play games. This is where the addiction to electronic gadgets begins. By completing such tasks electronically over the internet, people no longer make commutes to different locations to take care of payments or paperwork. This step saves individuals a large amount of time due to no longer being forced to physically run errands. When people are not being forced to physically complete tasks, they will typically become lazy and lose motivation as time progresses. People will increasingly depend on electronic gadgets and may begin playing games to pass time instead of actively going outside or exercising. Obesity then becomes a factor of the addiction to electronic gadgets due to individuals choosing to play video games instead of going outside or exercising. When obesity becomes a factor, health of the addicted individual becomes a liability.
In addition to laziness and obesity, becoming addicted to electronic gadgets is exceptionally distracting to the average human. These distractions can prove as harmful for the future of the addicted individual. People stay up late using electronic gadgets and do not get the sleep required at night which can lead to many negative effects. Over-sleeping, due to lack of sleep, can cause them to be late to work, ultimately resulting in termination of employment. College students may miss an important lecture or test then causing them to receive a failing grade in a course; all because of a distracting electronic gadget. The lack of concentration caused by addiction to a cell phone or other electronic gadget may also lead to missing...

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