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Not many people know who Harold Camping is just by hearing his name. However, people do know what he did without the name. Camping shows why credibility is important and how his actions affect it. He has given us this lesson of credibility by predicting something that would change the world and it did not happen. He tried to blame it on a mathematical error and other mistakes. He asked for forgiveness and due to his actions lost a lot of credibility. He later suffered from a stroke and died at 92 (Doomsday Harold Camping Dead at 92). Here is the timeline of his lifetime events leading up to the fail predictions.
Harold Camping was born on July 19, 1921 in Boulder Colorado. He was one of five brothers raised by Dutch immigrants who were apart of the Protestant church. He later went to college at the University of California, Berkeley. He graduated in 1942 with a degree in civil engineering. He then married Shirley Vander Schuur in 1943 and they had six children and lots of grand children (McFadden). He made a prediction that the world would end in 1944. When that did not happen he said, “I am not embarrassed about it, it was just the fact that it was premature, there is no possibility that it will not happen” (Burke). Then when he started making predictions later on in 2011-2012 Christian leaders from over the world and ignored them and atheists made fun of them (Doomsday Harold Camping Dead at 92).
In 1946, he founded a construction company and by the age of 35, was a millionaire. In about the 1950’s he started devoting over eight hours a day to reading the Bible. In 1959, he and two other men founded the Family Radio Station where he began preaching on the air. This network grew to over 140 stations across the world, reaching America, Europe, Asia and Africa. They also had two TV stations and a website. Over 18 million dollars would come in from listeners. He also published pamphlets in over 75 languages (McFadden). He and his family attended a Christian Reformed Church, where he was an elder. In 1988 he left the church because he did not represent their teachings of the bible. So he then started teaching on the air about the end of the world (Doomsday Harold Camping Dead at 92). He was very well known so he had a group of several million people around the world who supported him. However he did in the later 1980’s began to preach/teach that churches were straying away from the Bible (Clark). Since he started down this road he lost a lot of support but nothing compared to what was coming in 2011 and 2012.
His first widely known prediction was that on May 21, 2011 the would would come to an end. He convinced thousands of followers that Jesus Christ would return on that day (Clark). He preached that about 200 million people would be saved and those who are left behind would eventually witness the Earth, be consumed by a fireball on October 21, later the same year. People gave everything they had away, drained their bank accounts and took long...

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