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Harrassment Is An Example Of Discrinimation In Employment

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Job Discrimination by definition is the practice of using an individual's race, color, national origin, sex, or religion to make employment decisions related to hiring, firing, compensation, evaluations, promotions, and training.
There is a lot of discrimination in employment and the example of discrimination that occur is Harassment.
Sexual harassment is one of the most heard in the workplace and usually it occur when employees are subjected to unwanted and unwelcome treatment due to their race, colour, religion, sex, national origin, age or disability factor. Harassment usually included an offensive jokes, unwelcomed comments that related to a person’s protected class and lastly through the physical threat or contact. Example of issue or case that related to harassment will be share and discuss on the following case and issue section. Usually women are the most victims of this kind of discrimination if to compare with man. Under the morale of justification, sexual demand or harassment usually happen due to the threat of losing significant job benefits such as promotion, raise or in order to get hire. This kind of situation usually leave the individual with no choice or defenseless. But under the human basic right, individual are violated against their right to freedom and dignity while the individual who possess this harassment action are misusing their power.
There is two type of sexual harassment. The first is call as Quid Pro Quo Harassment . This type of harassment are on the basis of something for something which means the sexual conduct were base on the employment condition for example an exchange of promotion on female employee with a date with the manager. Meanwhile, The second type of sexual harassment is referred to as Hostile Work Environment Sexual Harassment . It is consider as an earlier discussion of harassment which appear as an offensive jokes or unwelcomed comments that related to a person’s protected class.
In Malaysia under Employment Act 1955 of section 81(A) stated that complaint relating sexual harassment can be made through 3 way which are by an employee against another employee, by an employee against any employer or by an employer against an employee.
Race and Colour Discrimination
Racial discrimination happen when employer employ or select potential applicant based race-related characteristic. In US, the discrimination are usually against the African American man as they are much prefered white american man due the reason of preserving the image of the company.
In Malaysia, based on the analysis of research derived from sources such as international organization, government, non-government (NGO), academic, news report, statistical data and original direct testimony collected from a wide range of individual, the discrimination can be seen in the aspects of the...

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