Harriet Tubman And Emily Murphy Exploring Attributes Of Great Leaders

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Every leader had to start somewhere; they all had to have a reason to become a great leader. They have developed strong attributes to overcome their struggles and challenges. Great leaders like Harriet Tubman and Emily Murphy, who have had the courage to take action in the world and have had great confidence to achieve their goals. They are among the people, who through centuries have made a difference. Who have fought for their rights and surpassed difficult obstacles in their lives to complete their goals; taking leadership and making a difference in the world as well as overcoming challenges others could not.

So what is a leader? What does it take to become a great leader?
Everyone has their own ideas of what a leader is, what they might look like, act like or maybe what their accomplishments were. They, who are the leaders are the ones who have made a changed in the world and have shown people how true leaders are recognized as. They may have made mistakes in life, but they each take leadership and they each are unique, having their own personalities and an individual quality that makes them a true leader. A leader can portray attributes like courage: having bravery and overcoming fears, confidence: to believe in oneself, and action: to be able to accomplish amazing deeds for the benefit of family, friends and others.

“Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing.”
Courage is known to many as bravery, loyalty and to be able to be fearless. Many leaders have developed this attribute and it’s one of the many things that help great leaders overcome their fears. Showing courage is when someone has the ability to demonstrate their skills; to stand up and to let their voices be heard and sometimes to be able to sit down and to listen to others. Leaders who can portray this attribute have shown bravery and strength to do things others cannot or are too afraid to do; to be able to confront fears and to try again without give up on what they believe in; if it is right and worth it. People who are courageous are able to achieve their goals, to stand up and to have their say in what is right and what is wrong. They might’ve made mistakes in life, but if they are willing to reach it, they will get up and try again, becoming stronger than ever at trying to pursue their goals.

It took courage and bravery to do something that Harriet Tubman did; to be capable of doing something so extraordinary and something so near impossible. Harriet Tubman had achieved many things, and had made a huge difference in the lives of others; along with the lives of people today too. She is a symbol of great courage to every African-American. Harriet Tubman was born a slave in Maryland, but became an admired person; she is well-known for being a strong leader, who took great risks to make the lives of people who were discriminated against better. She faced many challenges through her life; enduring many injuries, and...

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