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Harriet Tubman Overcoming Slavery Essay

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Harriet Tubman Overcoming Slavery
In the year 1825 in Maryland a true hero was born. This hero did the impossible. This hero dared to do what no one else would do. This hero devoted her life to making America better. This hero overcame something that no one at the time thought would ever be overcame. This hero is Harriet Tubman. No one since Harriet has devoted their whole life to one thing and overcoming it and making a huge difference, which was slavery. From being a toddler to the day of her death she devoted all of it to making a difference in slavery, and she sure did make quite a difference. From being a slave herself to freeing over one thousand slaves Harriet Tubman is a true hero. Imagining America without having Harriet Tubman in it is a hard thing to do. Harriet changed America into a better place and was one of the main reasons that slavery came to an end. Harriet Tubman overcame slavery by escaping persecution, risking her life, and refusing to give up.
One of the things that Harriet Tubman did to overcome slavery was by escaping persecution. Escaping slavery was always on Harriet's mind ever since she was just a young child. Harriet was born straight into bondage when she was born in 1825. Majority of Harriet's family were involved in slavery. Her mother was sent from Africa on a slave ship to America to be a slave. Harriet, whose real name was Rit, began working in hard as a house servant when she was just five. Two years later Harriet knew that she had to escape from her hard life as a slave. When Harriet was seven she ran away from her homeowner to freedom alone. It was not until a short time later that she realized that she could not make it living on her own just being seven years old. She soon returned back to being a slave, but escaping was always in the back of her mind and she knew that she must escape for good when she was capable of it. Many years later now when Harriet was nineteen she met a a freed slave whose name was John Tubman. She went on to marry John Tubman and right then and there she knew she had to escape and she had to escape soon. So on one night she made her escape from prosecution. From that escape is when she discovered the Underground Railroad, which helped her make her escape to become a free woman. After a long hard trip Harriet settled in Maryland and she was wanted for escaping. Men were on the search for her but she hid away from them and they never found her and never received the $40,000 reward for finding her. After escaping Harriet knew that she must return to help her family escape from slavery. Whenever she escaped from slavery she left her husband, John Tubman, behind. Once she returned back to her family for rescue she discovered that her no-longer husband John had moved on and re-married to another woman. After escaping with her family and helping them to freedom Harriet discovered that she must do this again and help others escape from a long hard life of slavery into a...

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