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Harrison A Short Story By Kurt Vonnegut Jr. Turned Into A Screenplay By Me Great For Media Class Or Creative Writting Class A Paper

1568 words - 6 pages

INT. Bergeron Household - Living Room - DayThe living room sees to be typical to an average American household. A nice wooden coffee table in front of a couch and a recliner next to it. In the recliner sits George Bergeron, 47. He is an average "plain" looking man, aside from the black earpiece in his ear and the large sack hanging around his neck. Marked on the sack we see "47 LBS." On the couch is his wife, Hazel Bergeron - again a very plain woman, without the earpiece and sack.On the coffee table is a magazine named the "Equalitarian." It is thin and seems to be made up of mostly pictures. We clearly see the date which reads, "April, 2081." We can also see the mailing address that says, "George and Hazel Bergeron." On the cover is a picture of a menacing woman dressed in military fatigues. The caption below her reads, "Handicapper General, D.M. Glampers."Both Hazel and George are glued to the television, which is showing a ballerina performance. The ballerinas are clearly not too graceful or skilled and are all wearing sacks, similar to George's of different sizes. They also seem to be all wearing masks.Suddenly, a loud buzz, as a red light on George's ear piece flashes and he raises his hand to his ear in pain.HazelThat was a real pretty dance they did.GeorgeHuh?HazelThat dance. It was nice.GeorgeYup!George has a pondering look on his face as he watches the TV.George (cont'd)You know, maybe ballerinas shouldn't be handica-A loud smash, like glass breaking accompanies another light flashing on George's earpiece as he winces in pain.HazelWhat was that one, dear?GeorgeSounded like somebody hitting a bottle with a hammer.HazelI think it would be real interesting, hearing all the different sounds; all the things they think up.GeorgeUm...HazelOnly, if I were Handicapper general, you know what I would do? If I was Dianna Moon Glampers, I'd have chimes on Sunday. Just chimes. Kind of in honor of religion.GeorgeIf it was just chimes, I'd be able to think.HazelWell...maybe make 'em real loud! Yeah. I think I'd make a good Handicapper General.GeorgeGood as anybody else.HazelWho knows better than me what normal is?GeorgeRight.Bam, a 21 gun salute goes off in George's earpiece.HazelBoy! That must have been a doozy!George looked pale and was trembling with teary eyes, holding his temple.On the television set, we see that two ballerinas had collapsed and were also holding their heads in pain.Hazel (cont'd)All of a sudden you look so tired. Why don't you stretch out on the sofa so you can rest your handicap bag on the pillows, Honey?Hazel (cont'd)Go on and rest the bag for a little while. I don't care if you rest. You need it!George weighs the bag with his hand.GeorgeI don't mind it. I don't even notice it anymore. It became a part of me, sort of natural.HazelYou've just been so tired lately, kind of worn out. If there was just some way we could make a little hole in the bottom of the bag and just take out a few of them lead balls. Just a few.GeorgeTwo...

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