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The year 2081

The year 2081 where everybody is treated as equal, where the very intelligent are given handicap radios so they cannot think as well while the very beautiful are given masks’ that make them ugly. Equality did not seem as the brightest idea after what Harrison Bergeron did. A 14 year old kid who was seven feet tall standing out from many. Harrison Bergeron was a victim of equality. Tired of being equal he just gave up on the way the world was running. He tried to be different but the circumstances in the year 2081 forced him not to have that option. Kurt Vonnegut makes it clear that those who mend their ways of life in any type of form in the future where the world is based only on “equality” will only make their life harder or according to Vonnegut just simply die trying.

“Nobody was smarter, better looking, or stronger than anybody else” basically meaning that the better were made worse while the worse just stayed how they were. Kurt Vonnegut introduces the future and shows that even emotions will not be a part of the human body “There were tears on Hazels face but she’d forgotten for the moment what they were about”. The thought of something happening and then not knowing what happened is what these handicappers are doing to make everybody equal. Harrison Bergeron Hazel’s son was dying live on national television but she did not know what she was crying about because her memory was so weak. Making everyone equal basically lead Harrison to want more power he wanted to be a leader it only lead to violence he got shot and all their parents could do about it was watch and then cry but then forget what was going on.“ I forget she said something real sad on television”. Kurt Vonnegut analyses what the future holds for society by expressing the theme on a future dystopian society where there is no freedom of thought, the ability to think is restricted, physically and mentally making someone unfit. Vonnegut portrays all of these hardships by mentioning the constitution and how it has placed the stamp of equality on all people. “All this equality is due to the 211th, 212th, and 213 Amendments to the Constitution”. Vonnegut provides descriptive facts throughout the story by giving example of how George the father of Harrison has been given a mental handicap radio so that every 20 seconds the transmitter would send out some very sharp noises so he could not think and take advantage of his thinking skills. Vonnegut shows these new amendments they have instilled is because of the overthrowing power of the government who are referred to as “United States Handicapper General”. Why is it that by making everyone equal they are actually being unfair they are making life harder? That is not what equality is supposed to really be. Vonnegut then goes on to say that creating equality still did not make a difference “April for instance still drove people by not being springtime”. She shows how ironic it is that while they are trying to make things...

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