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Implementation Plan Concepts WorksheetConceptApplication of Concept in the ScenarioReference to Concept in ReadingThe strategic management processHarrison-Keyes has several issues in the strategic management process. The mission statement of the company is not specific enough and the company has failed to take into account all stakeholders. The company must review and define the organizational mission to include more specific items such as providing individuals, markets, and societies will the publications needed to enrich their lives in the mediums aligned with current technology.Harrison-Keyes does not have the focus of all internal stakeholders. Robert Smith is not supportive of the e-book initiative, and others are concerned with the dis-approval of the authors.The company failed to analyze and formulate strategies to reach objectives. The e-book strategy was created and implementation plans started before a full analysis of who the customers are and what they want. Relevant information exists suggesting customers are not demanding e-book technology. “More specific mission statements tend to give better results because of a tighter focus. Mission statements decrease the change of false directions by stakeholders” (Gray & Larson, 2006, p. 25).“The second dimension [of strategic management] is the internal responses to new action programs aimed at enhancing the competitive position of the firm” (Gray & Larson, 2006, p. 23).“Strategy formulation includes determining and evaluating alternatives that support the organization’s objective and selecting the best alternative… The first step… typically includes an analysis of ‘who are the customers’ and ‘what are their needs as they (the customers) see them” (Gray & Larson, 2006, p.26).Project portfolio management systemHarrison-Keyes lacks a portfolio management system. The strategy of the company is to turn to technological advances and enter the e-book forum. Further the company has also decided that it should sell books directly from the company website. Additionally, the company has determined that it would outsource part of the e-book process in an attempt to save money. However, the projects have not been classified or prioritized. There also appears to be an implementation gap. Top management has formulated the strategy but the priority of the implementation tasks is unclear. H-K must determine the priority of each of the implementation projects according to time frame each needs to be completed, resources needed, and necessity in reaching the organization’s objectives. For example, is it necessary to sell books, print or electronic, from the company website at this point, or can this project wait until the e-book project is completed? The organization needs to recognize when a project is unnecessary or a brick wall is hit. “Since there are usually more projects clamoring for resources than are available, it is...

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3371 words - 13 pages database.University of Phoenix. (2007). Scenario Two: Harrison-Keyes Publishing. Retrieved March 10, 2007, from University of Phoenix, rEsource, Simulation, MBA590-Strategic Implementation and Alignment.Table 1Issue and Opportunity IdentificationIssueOpportunityReference to Specific Course Concept (Include citation)ConceptHarrison-Keyes, Inc. has not been able to create a successful project plan for the successful completion of the E-publishing project

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4863 words - 19 pages leaders and all employees to project management training and use an outside vendor to help them set up their methodology. All training should occur within six months.Being new at the project management process, employees of Harrison-Keyes must take into consideration the need for project audits during and at the end of all projects and the need for slack when developing timelines. The implementation team should take the next 30 days to develop a


2126 words - 9 pages ) scheduled for implementation is 2012, concerns students being able to find “gainful employment” in their field and the high default rate on student loans to proprietary schools (Hamilton, 2010) . Even with Harrison College’s 92 % placement rate for graduates in their field, changes enacted by this legislation are all encompassing and global in scope. These changes would drastically affect Harrison College’s ability to do business, and service

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1790 words - 8 pages improve effectiveness and efficiency of public services. Greg Harrison created a list of best practices for California to consider toward future attempts of PBB implementation. The following recommendations are also applicable to other state and federal government agencies considering PBB initiatives: • Adopt a comprehensive strategic plan • Link resources to performance measures with activity-based costing • Ensure performance measures are results

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