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Harrison Keyes Problem Solution Essay

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Running head: PROBLEM SOLUTION: HARRISON-KEYES INC.Problem Solution: Harrison-Keyes Inc.University of PhoenixProblem Solution: Harrison-Keyes Inc.Harrison-Keyes is in turmoil considering the previous Chief Executive Officer; Meg McGill was fired during the middle of the current e-publishing implementation. The lack of communication between employees and management of the company has caused employee animosity and mutinous feelings across the board of the lower level of ranks. Also, team integration has been invisible as teams have excluded themselves from each other in order to protect their place in the company. However, it is the seclusion that is causing teams to be less productive due to the lack of integration and communication between departments. Harrison-Keyes may have also set themselves up for failure due to the high goals set forth in the planning stage of the project. Goals influenced by stockholders and other factors were too high for the implementation players. It will be important that the executive staff looks at the current goals and the current issues and make a decision to alter those in a way to make it more reasonable for the teams to reach those goals. In that regard, the marketing campaign has been flawed during the initial implementation and needed to be redone due to the target audience but also the content of the advertisements. It will be important that the marketing team look into the future and target those audiences that will make the largest impact on the bottom line of Harrison-Keyes.Describe the SituationIssue and Opportunity IdentificationHarrison-Keyes has new leadership under William "Bill" Guardo due to Meg McGill's resignation and he has been busy trying to put his mark into the organization and the staff within. Bill is not a proponent of the e-publishing initiative but will get behind it if someone can show him the benefits of continuing the implementation. One of the main problems with the current implementation is the marketing campaign. Currently, Harrison-Keyes has marketing personnel that are familiar with standard publishing rules and e-publishing cannot be marketed in such a way. While Marsha Goldfarb, VP of Marketing, did not agree with Jan Peter's assessment on the failure of the marketing campaign, she did admit that there could be more done to market to the mass consumer that will be demanding the e-books. "Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to stay in touch with customers and prospects online. It can also be effective as a direct-marketing device" (DeLegge, 2007).Harrison-Keyes executives did not complete a disaster recovery plan and with Asia Digital becoming inundated with water after a flood in India. Without a disaster recovery plan, Harrison-Keyes is now without a partner to complete their e-publishing initiative. Bill has set forth the executives in finding their new partner in the United States preferably. Bill also will have the executives working on a disaster recovery...

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