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Harry Piglet And The Big No Se

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Harry Piglet And The Big NoseOnce upon a time there was a boy named Harry Piglet who goes to a wizards school called Hogs-Eat-Warts. He has been going there for 1 years so he is not experienced.One day when he was at school someone ran up to him and farted Harry couldn't recognise the person because he had a mask on. "What the hell," shouted Harry."Its probably Mouth-Boy," said Shesdiedi.Harry Piglet wasn't the kind of guy to mess with, so the next day Harry made a plan to get Mouth-Boy back. his plan was to embarrass Mouth-Boy in front of the WHOLE school. "Okay Bon, Shesdiedi I'll explain the plan once more, while Mouth-Boys doing his speech I'll get the white paint ready then Bon you go get it and give it to Shesdiedi, next is the hard part since Shesdiedi is good at carrying cargo you will go up the side stairs and poor the paint all-over him".2The Plan FailedIt was the time Mouth-Boy was doing his speech about how good the school is. Harry got the paint ready then Bon passed it to Shesdiedi and then the trouble starts as Shesdiedi walked up the side steps she accidentally fell over and threw the barrel of paint behind her and guess where the barrel of paint landed. Right on Harry Piglets face.Harry Piglet was so embarrassed that he fainted. After a while he woke up in hospital and he asked the nurse "is there any scares", the nurse said "yep there's one right on your forehead it almost looks like a "Z". "Dam-it now every time I look in the mirror it will be a painful reminder of my embarrassment".The next couple days Harry Piglet finally recovered. Bon and Shesdiedi came to greet him back. But Harry Piglet didn't care about coming back infact the only thing he thought of was to get Mouth-Boy back. So he made another plan this time it will workhe thought to himself. Bon and Shesdiedi thought he was crazy. The plan was to shrink Mouth-Boy to the size of a grain of...

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