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Running Head: Concepts of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone

     Within the story of Harry Potter there are many concepts to be noted. This book is interesting and very different from any other book. These many concepts will tell you about some of these strange things that goes on.
     Shortly after Harry was born a villain called Voldermont killed his parents. Somehow Harry did not die from Voldermont, but not only did he live, he almost killed this great dart magician. As the only survivor, a giant called Hagrid took him to his Aunt and Uncle Dursleys house and left them on the doorstep with a note. Ever since that day, he has been living in a blended family. That is a family whose members were once part of another.
     Throughout this book there are some examples of discrimination between people. Since his Aunt Petunias sister was a muggle (wizard) her and her sister didn’t get along at all because her sister got all of the attention from her parents. Then when Harry comes along both her, and her husband become very discriminate against Harry because they know he is one also.
     When Harry was living with the Dursleys they were his agents of socialization. They influenced his self-concept. Harry never thought he was anyone famous because his Aunt and Uncle never gave him attention or barely even talked to him, for Harrys birthday they gave him a pair of his Uncles’ used socks, they made him sleep in a cupboard under the stairs and the gave him their sons old used clothes.
     Living with the Dursleys had to be one of the worst things he has ever had to go through. His Aunt and Uncle basically alienate him from everybody. He had a sense of not belonging. Like when the letters kept coming in from Hogwarts, they wouldn’t let Harry read the letters. Also when it was his cousin, Dudlys birthday they tried to get rid of him for the day because they didn’t like him. Harry ended up going with them that day and had one of the best days of his life because he actually got to go somewhere for once.
     Muggles and mortals both have their own nonmaterial culture. That is both groups have their own way of thinking. Most mortals don’t like muggles, like the Dursleys that is the reason they don’t like Harry. Also most muggles don’t like mortals either because mortals are selfish or if they had magic they would only use it for their own benefit.
     By definition Harry had an ascribed status in his life. Ever since he was a little boy and lived through one of the best dark magicians’ magic, he was known as the boy who lived. Everyone knew who he was. When he went to dragon alley with Hagrid, at school, everybody whispered about him as he passed in the hallways.
     As soon as Harry passed through that gate of nine and three-quarters...

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