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Harry Potter And Its Effect On How People Percieve Witchcraft And Wizardry

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There are seven books stacked one after the other on a table, waiting to be opened by the reader. They were just there tempting its owner, causing him/her to take several glances at the books as they worked on important matters. It was calling to the reader, calling and begging to be opened again after the six long years of being untouched. It wasn’t only the books calling out, so was its film adaptation. They pick up one of the books, opening it to the first chapter, “The Boy Who Lived”, and started reading; they now re-join the journey of growing up once again with Harry Potter.
Readers would gladly read the series again and there is a reason why. The series revolves around three protagonists, Harry Potter, Hermionie Granger and Ronald Weasley, and their fight against Lord Voldemort. Aside from Lord Voldemort, Harry also has to deal with his inner conflicts all throughout his seven years at Hogwarts. In those seven years, Harry had changed, especially his views on witchcraft and wizardry, which he did not believe in until he was told that he was a wizard and experienced the other world, thus society should use the new views on witchcraft and wizardry to benefit society.
The witches and wizards of Harry Potter were slightly portrayed differently from how people usually see them. Like in the wooden trunk of Harry Potter are items needed in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. These items may or may not be similar to some items in the Muggle world. These magical items are neutralized by the Ministry of Magic, so these would not bring harm to the Muggles and the Wizarding world would not be revealed to them (Highfield 221).
Items like cauldrons were needed by students like Harry because they attend Potions class to be able to concoct potions to gain points for their house if the potion was perfect or to be able to pass the exams. Other than cauldrons, there are broomsticks, not the ordinary brooms that are used to sweep but brooms used to travel or play a game called Quidditch, a wizarding sport similar to certain sports in the muggle world that requires players to play on broomsticks. A unique item seen in Harry Potter is the ‘Floo Powder’. This was used as a way to travel from one place to another through a chimney. Its usage was demonstrated by the character, Fred Weasley, in the second book, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, “He took a pinch of the glittering powder out of the flowerpot, stepped up to the fire, and threw the powder into the flames. With a roar the fire turned emerald green and rose higher than Fred, who stepped right into it, shouted, ‘Diagon Alley!’ and vanished.” (J.K. Rowling 47)
Other than magical items, there are powerful wizards known all around the Wizard world, wizards like the headmaster of Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore. Professor Dumbledore shows the common characteristics of a wizard having great magical abilities and living up to what a wizard is. Dumbledore was not a character...

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