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Harry Potter And The Court Of Public Opinion Remarks On The Hysteria That Has Accompanied This New Generation Children's Classic

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Harry Potter is "the boy who lived." Anyone might know this, who has not been sequestered in an underwater dome for the last couple of years. The young orphan, rises above his lowly station in life by receiving a scholarship to the wondrous Hogwart's School for Wizards and Witches, where he embarks upon a journey of magical discovery.Harry's adventurers are Oliver Twist, Tom Sawyer, and Captains Courageous all rolled up into a tidy, properly English package. He is a modest hero, inept at times but never panicky in the face of danger. In short, he is every kid, his friends are every other kid and his enemies are childhood terror boxed and wrapped for delivery, for purposes of being dispatched through the employment of courage, intelligence, guile, and no small amount of cheek.Harry Potter drives the Christian Right straight up the walls of Jericho, nuts as an Alabama pecan grove. There have been many instances cited in the press, of outright banning of this book series by ultra conservatives who cringe at the notion of magic, blanch at the mention of witchery and sincerely believe that J.K. Rowling is an instrument of Satan."In Minnesota, Michigan, New York, California and South Carolina, parents who feel the books promote interest in the occult have called for their removal from classrooms and school libraries." Said author Judy Blume in the New York Times. She added, "I knew it was coming."Blume's books suffered a similar spate of banning 20 years ago. Her unconventional, "Shoot from the heart" approach to reality literature was unwelcome in conservative households. Where she was then, J.K. Rowling is now.The Boy Wizard's adventures are so...

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