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Harry Potter And The Sorcerers Stone

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My book report is on the book 'Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone' by J.K.
Rowling. The main character Harry Potter, discovers that he not an ordinary boy, he is in
fact, a wizard. Harry soon discovers that he is famous, famous for the downfall of a
corrupt wizard, Lord Voldemort. Harry finds out that he has been accepted into a school,
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, a school for young witches and wizards.
While in school, he becomes friends with another wizard named Ronald Weasely and
witch, Hermione Granger. Not to soon after starting school, Harry becomes the youngest
Quidditch Seeker of the century after an incident during flying class. Harry, Ron, and
Hermione discover that Lord Voldemort is trying to get something hidden beneath the
school. The Sorcerers Stone, is a stone created by Nicholas Flammel, the stone was
created to made into a potion for immortality. These three friends think that Professor
Snape is trying to get the stone for Lord Voldemort. Halloween Night, Harry and Ron
fight a troll that was let loose in the castle, we find out later that it was Professor Quirrell
who let him loose. Harry, Ron and Hermione discover that a large three-headed dog
named Fluffy is guarding the Sorcerers Stone underneath a trap door. To get to whoever
was beneath Fluffy, they had to get the dog to fall asleep. Harry played the flute as they
went through the trap door. But when they landed, they discovered they had fallen into
Devil's Snare, a crushing plant. After getting past the first and second task, they came to a
room where they had to fly a broom and catch the right flying key to unlock the door to
the next obstacle. After unlocking the door, they found themselves on a large chessboard.
They had to play through the game in order to move on. They played and they succeeded,
except Ron got hurt, so Hermione and Harry moved on to the next room. They found
seven different shaped bottles and a riddle on a table. They had to find the bottle and
drink the potion that would let them through the last door. Hermione helped solve the
riddle, Harry drank the potion and went through the door. Harry discovers that it was
Professor Quirrell the whole time and that Lord Voldemort had been on the back of
Quirrells head acting as a parasite, trying to keep alive. They get into a large fight, and
Harry ends up touching the professor, he starts to crumbled and break, the love of Harrys
mother killed Quirrell. And in the end of the book, Gryffindor House wins the house cup.
     The main characters are Harry Potter, Ronald Weasely, and Hermione Granger.
Harry, was a normal boy, until discovering he was a wizard, his parents were wizards, and
he was famous for the downfall of a corrupt wizard. Harry fights trolls, and plants, very
headstrong, good willed, and smart. Ronald Weasely comes from a wizarding family, has
many big brothers and one sister, who is the youngest. He is smart,...

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