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Harry Potter comparison essayJK Rowling had an intention of making the characters in The Harry Potter series grow up with the audience. While watching the films The Philosopher's Stone and The Half-Blood Prince we see that the characters and in particular Harry grow up cognitively, morally and psychosocially. There are many changes from when they are eleven years old to when they are seventeen years old and we see this through the choices they make, their attitudes and behaviour towards the concequences of a situtions, and their relationships with each other.Younger children are at the formal operations stage of cognitive development, but as they get older and grow into the adult years there are changes in how the person learns how to effectively use their adult-like cognitive skills. This is evident when we look at Harry Potter's problem solving from The Philosopher's Stone to The Half- Blood Prince. In The Philosopher's Stone Harry and his friends just go along with what Dumbledore says, they believe that everything he says is true, they also think there is one answer to every problem. An example of this is when they assume that Snape was the one trying to steal the Stone, they did not think of any other suspects. The target audience can relate to this because they too assume by the way people are acting and do not think about any other suspects. Furthermore in The Half -Blood Prince when they have grown up to fifteen or sixteen years old there are more choices to make and things are not so straight forward. Dumbledore does not tell them what to do anymore, there are more answers than just one assumption. An example of this is when they are trying to find out who The Half- Blood Prince is, they do lots of researching and do not just guess who it might be. The target audience can relate to this because they too are now realising that there are more answers, they need to gather evidence and not just assume it is a person by one piece of information.Many moral changes will begin to take place when a ten to twelve year old starts to become an adult. This is apparent when we observe how Harry and his friends weigh up the consequences of a situation. In The Philosopher's Stone the characters don't think about what will happen if they do something dangerous or something that was forbidden to do. The concequences are not on their radar. We see this when they go into the girls' bathroom to save Hermoine from the troll, they had the right intentions but they did not think about the concequences, they could have been seriously injured or even killed. The target audience can not realte to death at this point in their life but they too would not be thinking about the concequences of their actions in the school yard or at home. On...

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