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Harry Potter Comprehension Activities Essay

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Brooke Hill Comprehension activities for Harry Potter.Inferring main Idea: ü Students will write articles for the Daily Prophet, the newspaper in Harry Potter. Students will write two articles. One will be about an event that did happen in Harry Potter 4, and the other article will be about an imaginary event that could happen in Harry Potter. Students will read the headline from other articles and predict what the main idea will be in that article. They will then read the article and use the main idea hat to decide upon the main idea of this article. (see attached example of main idea hat) The students will first do the articles that are written about actual events in the story. It will be easier for them to do it with the fantasy article if they first get to perform the task on something they are familiar with. Students can then publish two issues of the Daily Prophet. They will have to decide where to place the articles. They can gain interpersonal experience by working together as a group to complete this task.Story Detail: ü Students will each be given a character from the book. They will have to write a list of words describing the characters personality, fears. strengths, appearance, personal background, and relationship with Harry. Students will create their own character to put into the book. They will have to write a list of words describing the new characters personality, fears. strengths, appearance, personal background, and...

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