Harry Potter: The Book And The Movie

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The movie adaptation of J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is a very pivotal movie in the series. Like the book, this movie is crucial in setting up an understanding for the rest of the series. Therefore it is important that the movie complements the novel as much as possible. Using one of the most essential features of a movie; visual imagery, the movie adaptation of the fourth novel is a good accompaniment for the novel. The visual imagery in this movie emphasizes emotions and reactions that we cannot possibly obtain from the book. For example, the death of Cedric Diggory at the end of the movie strikes a powerful emotional response as a result of his father, Amos Diggory’s grief. Seeing him cry makes the audience more sympathetic than just reading about it. Rightly so, the loss of a child should not be any less touching.
As in the case of Amos Diggory, the movie does a good job of portraying the characters, especially those that make it a fantasy. The special effects of the movie do a good job of highlighting its fantastic elements. The leprechauns at the Quidditch world cup and the fire dragons of the Durmstrang students are some of the scenes that make the movie entertaining. The dragons look so real and scary that one can only sympathize with the wizards who fear them. Other characters such as Mad Eye Moody and Voldemort are very well defined in this movie. Voldemort’s white skin, slit like eyes and long skinny fingers make him look as scary as the book describes. Mad Eye Moody’s character makes the fact that he is that eccentric very believable too. The movie also portrays Harry and Ron as the teenagers they are. Seeing how Harry and Ron behave at the Yule ball gives us an understanding of how childish they are and makes us come to the realization, even more than is presented in the book, that the boys and Hermione are growing up.
The movie also does an excellent job of providing the same colorful humor that the book provides through its characters making the evil in the book less scary for her audience. Mad eye Moody is a good example; he is very funny in certain scenes. The fact that he is a death eater disguised as an auror is very ironic in the novel and the movie does well to capture such irony. Rita Skeeter is another comic character. She is introduced in this novel and movie as a journalist. She comes across as very annoying and solely interested in making the front cover if the newspaper and does not even care if her story is accurate or not.
In her novels Rowling always makes us sympathize with Harry. In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Harry is the youngest contestant in the tournament. As opposed to the others he has little knowledge on how to perform most spells and relies solely on skill. His fear is therefore grounded. The movie does nothing but strengthen this idea. In the movie we actually get to see Harry’s expressions, for example, when his name is thrown out of the Goblet. Likewise, Dumbledore’s...

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