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Harry Potter Through A Christian Perspective

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The novels of Harry Potter, written by J. K. Rowling are constantly in debate among Christians whether Harry Potter is preaching sorcery and paganism or that the books have a spiritual meaning deeper than most care to look at. It is easy to look through the books and find sources of witchcraft but one could say the same for sources of the gospel. Author, J.K. Rowland has stated that her own Christian faith has in fact informed her writing of the popular series. Many Christians say Harry Potter is incomparable to Christ, being far from perfection while Voldemort seems to strike a different chord of response as far as his character representing The Devil himself.
The books describe the struggle between good and evil and the ultimate victory of good over evil through Harry’s courage and the undeniable fact of his love for the human spirit. Good triumphs evil when infant Harry’s life is spared by his parents, especially his mother who sacrifices herself for him, protecting him with love-the only thing that can stop evil. At Hogwarts, good and evil is separated into houses, the two mainly being Gryffindor and Slytherin. The sorting hat is a hat that decides on what house a student is to reside in. It seems that the hat already knows which house the students are already going to be in, with the exception of Harry, so an idea of predestination is introduced. How would the hat know where the student is to go? In Harry’s situation, he showed interest in Gryffindor even though the hat said Slytherin. In the end he was granted Gryffindor so it sort of counters the idea of predestination and the sorting hat. Regardless, it stands that whatever we think we are destined for in life- good or evil- we can always make the morally right choice in the end. This can be seen once more through the wise words of Albus Dumbledore in Chamber of Secrets when he says, "It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are far more than our abilities"
Several characters in the book have unique traits to them, allowing their qualities of a higher being to stand out. As already mentioned, Harry may or may not be representing Christ but it can be clearly seen the Voldemort is Satan. Voldemort will do anything to gain eternal life, sacrificing even himself in the process. Voldemort is willing to cause unimaginable suffering onto other people in the process while Harry, however has no desire to hurt anyone or anything to defeat Voldemort. It is through Harry’s love, willingness to sacrifice himself for others, and his great loyalty to Dumbledore-the Divine Spirit.
In the Chamber of Secrets, at the climax of the movie, Harry Potter is faced with a challenge where he must battle with Voldemort, this time in the form of a memory kept in a journal. Harry is caught in a fight with a great serpent, which in the end lands him a lethal blow injecting him with poison. When Harry expresses the highest of loyalty to Dumbledore, a phoenix arrives and saves Harry’s life. Harry can then...

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