Harry S. Truman: A Tremendously Influential President

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Harry S. Truman was born in Lamar, Missouri on May 8, 1884 and was at first just an average boy and then man, with dreams in the music field and interests in reading and history. His mother greatly supported his ideas and desires and wished him the best. Truman worked a series of clerical jobs and worked on the Santa Fe Railroad as well (“Harry S. Truman”). Truman’s first encounter with politics was when he served in WWI and was a captain in the Field Artillery in France. When he returned from France he married Bess Wallace on June 28, 1919. Later Truman became active in the Democratic Party and was elected a judge of the Jackson County Court in 1922. Truman then became Senator in 1934. Truman served as Vice President to FDR and after FDR’s death in 1945 he served as president of the United States and was reelected in 1948 to serve a full term (“Biography of…”). It is very clear that people all over the country adored Harry S. Truman for the many programs that he brought about to make life easier for those that struggled. However what he is remembered for most is for his amazing influence on the United States. Harry S. Truman was extremely influential during his time of leadership, but what makes him the most influential president in The United States is his role in foreign affairs, domestic affairs, and the impact he left on the United States.
Truman was involved in a lot of notable foreign affairs such as the Berlin Airlift, his assurance of the United Nations participation in affairs, his decision to stand and fight in Korea, and his recognition of Israel. The foreign affairs that made him most influential were that of the transformation of his national security team, the atomic bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, and the Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan. One of the ways he was able to transform his national security team that was passed down from Roosevelt was to alter it to meet his desires. Also to reorganize the nation's military and national security system with the National Security Act in 1947 which unified the Army, Navy, and Air Force under a National Military Establishment lead by the Secretary of Defense. The National Security Act also created the Central Intelligence Agency, the nation’s major department of intelligence. The Act established the National Security Council to enlighten the President on issues mostly related to American foreign policy as well. Though the National Security Council had many improvements to make, it was able to grow in power and prestige through the involvement in the Korean War. And through the past decades it has become of great use to American foreign policy (“Foreign Affairs”).
When Truman was sworn in as president World War Two was just about over due to Hitler committing suicide and Germany’s surrender. Although Germany had surrendered and the war with them was over, the war with Japan was further away from the end (“Foreign Affairs”). Military planners estimated that the war with Japan would...

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