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Harry The Modest Hero In Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone

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Harry Potter is quiet modest and humble compared to the stereotypical hero in most novels. His horrible, bullied, upbringing in the home of his adoptive relatives plays an important role in how he stays so humble and reluctant to accept his praise as a hero. As a result of this upbringing, he also does not see himself as a significant individual. Harry is neither right nor wrong to reject his praise due to the circumstances but his superior modesty shows how true of a hero Harry really is.
Harry grew up with the Dursley’s, his adoptive relatives after the passing of both his parents. “He lived with the Dursley’s almost ten year, ten miserable years.”(27) There is nothing joyful in the way Harry Potter lived with these relatives, he slept in a cupboard under the stairs and was often locked in there for hours at a time, and they constantly bullied nd mistreated him since the day he was left on their door step. He was not honoured, respected or treated how any human being or child for that matter deserved. “Harry had always been small and skinny for his age, he looked even smaller and skinnier than he was because all he had to wear were old clothes of Dudley’s and Dudley was about four times bigger than he was.” (20) Dudley was Harry’s cousin whom he also lived with. The difference between Harry and Dudley was that Dudley was highly the favourite child, spoiled, and treated like gold. Harry wore Dudley’s hand me down clothes and often catered to him. Growing up like this resulted in Harry not feeling like he was great or worth anything, just an ordinary, scrawny, boy that was not capable of much.
For growing up in such ways Harry is extremely brave and proves his heroic qualities in more than one way after moving to Hogwarts, from saving Hermione from the troll to facing Voldemort in the end. You could say he was protecting the only true friends he has in his life, because they are the only ones that have treated him like he was worth anything. To him he is only doing the right thing and is not thinking about what he has done in greater depth or trying to gain the status of a hero in any way. This may be hard to understand but having his days spent catering to his “family” and being talked down upon he is still young and timid at this point. “The Dursley’s often spoke about Harry like this, as though he wasn’t there - or rather, as...

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