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Harsh Consequences Or Needed Results? Essay

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The death penalty is something that has been debated throughout the years, yet before we were a country, the death penalty was enacted frequently. During the Salem Witch Trials, men, women, and children were hung without a second thought based upon no evidence other than that people were claiming to be harmed by the said, “witches.” But that was also before we had proposed the separation between church and state, saying that we couldn't let religious (or moral) beliefs get in the way of the government laws or the way justice is conducted. But there still isn't a full separation between a person's morals, and the duties and responsibilities of a government. The death penalty is certainly a lot quicker than a life sentence, especially when it comes to murders. My question is, why do we give murderers a life sentence? I mean, they did kill another person, taking away one of their inalienable rights is something we as citizens deem as ...view middle of the document...

More money would end up flowing into the economy if it was nationalized, the subject of prisoners on death row is a completely different subject of this argument altogether.

Yes, death row is a way of keeping track of murderers and letting us now how many are penalized each year. But the numbers on death row could easily be diminished, as for it usually does not take more than a good half hour for the death penalty to be carried out. There are also more and more humane ways to help carry out a death sentence for a person death row. An example for this is lethal injection, rather than hangings which used to be carried out all the way until the early 1900s. Then we started to turn to things like the electric chair to penalize murderers on death row when the current wars broke out between Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison. The death penalty isn't as horrid as people make it out to be or as inhumane, it's justice being done to citizens who have committed a first degree crime. Yes, some of these people may have a mental disease, and if that's the case, the evidence should be brought to a trial so that a ruling may be carried out accordingly.

The death penalty is seen as an inhuman way to penalize murders, but if they have committed a first degree murder, and they are given a life sentence, why not just give them the death penalty? Yes, they could realize their faults in jail, but that life sentence is like a kiss of death in itself. We are shutting them off from the real world minus, to the most, a phone call a week and that family can visit them and speak to them through a plastic phone, a cold metal wire, and look at them through a piece of plexiglass which is in place for the family's safety. The death penalty is delivering physical justice rather than attacking the prisoner mentally, and it saves tax dollars when it is carried out as well as freeing up room in jails to hold more prisoners who have committed misdemeanors far less severe than committing a murder. All the previously mentioned facts are reasons as to why the death penalty should be a nationalized law.

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