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Hartford University Admission Request Essay

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There is a very famous maxim, “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” I strongly believe in this quotation. My desire for knowledge was never ending. Machines fascinated me since my childhood. I always wondered what the mystery behind their functioning was. So I chose to study mechanical engineering. I learned many things about the machines, the more I learn about them through the research the more they enthralled me. I developed a strong interest towards manufacturing field when I started studying manufacturingtechnology in my 4th semester. I gradually fell in love with those processes. Though my college helped me to solve my enigma, my never ending crave for knowledgein manufacturing inclined me to study in your University which is the most promising academy for a student like me, where study and research go hand in hand. It is superfluous to mention, university of Hartford is the best place to learn manufacturing technology.

Sir, I am writing to you because, I know that I have a lot of potential inside me and I just need some research and guidance to engrave me into a professional engineer, able to face the current challenges in the most demanding field of manufacturing. From the knowledge I gain there I would like to serve my country, where there is a huge shortage for manufacturing engineers. After a keen observation through your website, brochure I observed that you have very good research facilities and a very close industrial links, which satisfy my desire for knowledge in a most competent way.I therefore aspire to join your esteemed University for pursuing a Master's Degree.

My undergraduate program at JB institute of engineering and technology, the most prestigious university in my locale, helped me to gain deepinsight of the subject. There was a complete balance between the theoretical and practical...

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