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Hartman Industries Paper

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Hartman Industries Paper
Hartman Industries is an industry leader in plastic injection molding. The company aims to provide solutions to customer challenges through the use of its high-quality polymer materials (Hartman Industries LLC, 2009). Quality processes for Hartman Industries include basic business processes relating to manufacturing. These processes are no more than a series of steps and decisions used to accomplish work tasks. To stay above its competition, Hartman Industries must implement a quality improvement process to make business activites run smoother. Part of this plan increases business goals and allows the company to achieve desired results within the business.
The Identified Processes
As an industry leading plastic injection molding company, the business relies on key processes to perform various work tasks. Three main processes identified in Hartman Industries are designing high-density polyethylene products, receiving raw materials, and molding material that mixes dye to create high-density polyethylene plastic pellets. The level of importance of each process varies by its severity to achieve customer satisfaction. Some processes, such as designing high-density polyethylene products, are very important. Hartman Industries must use a skillful design team to create innovative plastic designs. Another important process is receiving raw materials. The company ships a small amount of raw materials by truck and receives their products at the main entrance (Hartman Industries, 2009). A few of these raw materials include ink, solvent cleaners, mold release agents, and colorizing dyes. In the molding process, high-density polyethylene plastic pellets are melted down and ejected into a mold. This mold forms a plastic product the company sells to its various customers. The molding process takes time and a series of experimental steps before it is available for customer purchase. All mixing, molding, trimming, and assembly functions are included in the molding process. These three processes help the company maintain its position as the industry leader in plastic injection molding. A processes can be simple or complicated, so Hartman Industries must plan ahead to perform specific activites that make up each process.
Model or Methodology Recommendations for the Process
A recommendation for Hartman Industries process improvement plan is to use a Six Sigma process improvement methodology. The name Six Sigma comes from the concept of standard deviation, which is a statistically derived value represented by a Greek letter known as sigma (Goestch & Davis, 2010). A Six Sigma methodology is a six-step protocol for process improvement. In these six steps, companies must identify the product characteristics wanted by customers, classify characteristics of criticality, determine if characteristics are controlled, determine the maximum tolerance for each characteristic, determine the characteristics process variation, and change the design of...

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